Software Development

We help you build efficient and cost-effective software solutions for your business. From websites to intranets, e-commerce, and enterprise-class applications


Our pool of seasoned professional consultants can work onsite, delivering the skills and technical expertise you need to complete mission-critical projects.


We offer a full spectrum of courses for your IT training needs. Our courses are designed for clients with diverse programming backgrounds - from beginners to advanced.

Enterprise Java

Leveraging our extensive experience with Java Core technologies including Servelets, Java Server Pages and Enterprise Java Beans

Cloud Services

We deliver scalable solutions that exceed customer requirements for software flexibility, maintainability, extensibility and reusability.


We customize and implement (Odoo) Open-source business Solutions to help you to streamline all your business operations in one single software.


We are an advocate open-source technologies. Not only does this help our clients reduce cost, this also unlock the unlimited potential of information technology.





We are polyglot

We speak English, Filipino (Tagalog, Ilocano, Bisaya, Waray-waray, Ilonggo) and many more including

Open-source Advocates

Some of the organizations/companies who trusted our open-source approach in solving their enterprise challenges.
Isuzu Philippines
Delmonte Philippines
Manila Water Total Solutions
Manila Water Corporation
Sevilla Candle Factory
Olympic Village
Prostar Brands
New Barbizon
Lasalle Greenhills
Lasalle Zobel
PAREF Woodrose
PAREF Southridge
The Beacon School
KLT Fruits
Agrispecialist Inc.
Victoria Mondiale
Institute for solidarity in Asia
Institute of Corporate Directors
Senate of the Philippines
Vera Files
RKT Marketing
Integrity Financing
SNS Group
Zhongyue Philippines
Ommon Group
Everyday Product Corporation
Reef Conservation Initiaive
Mykl Trading

... we cannot fit all our clients in this small space, but this list will give you an idea of the industries that we have catered. From retail stores to financial institutions, from manufacturing to distribution companies spanning national/regional coverage, from school systems to non-government institutions, from small local SMEs to international trading companies... we have a range of solutions to fit a wide array of enterprise needs...

Are you ready for open-source solutions?


Toolkit was founded by a team of Software Developers and Accounting & Finance Consultants who wanted to overcome the routine and create a company that would act in the market not only for business success but for the sake of Technology itself.
  • 2011


    Though the founders had extensive experience in proprietary software such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics, they decided to focus exclusively on open source technologies to provide The Enterprise with alternative solutions to their costly information system.

  • 2012


    Our love for open-source prompted us to become one of the first partners of Odoo (formerly OpenERP) in the Country. We are currently the longest running partner of Odoo in the Philippines.

  • 2013


    Over a short period of time the company has been able to develop a range of solutions-- from Custom Software Development to e-commerce websites, from Legacy Application Reconstruction to Workflow Improvement, from Technical Consulting to Infrastructure Support, and the whole gamut of ERP related solutions.

  • 2015

    At Toolkit, we firmly believe that Information Technology should be cost effective, reliable and easy to use. We blend seasoned project managers, skilled software developers and creative web designers to produce innovative solutions that are designed for ease-of-use, engineered for durability and built with your priorities in mind.

  • 2016

    We are brewing...

    we will be launching something entrepreneurs will love... you wont believe it but... it is free... stay tuned

The Team

We are a lean and mean fighting machine. We do everything from server configuration to full-stack development. From reverse-engineering to full scale ERP implementation, we got our clients' back.

do you want to be the best?

We are hiring, we don't care if you finish a doctorate in computer science or a high school graduate, as long as you have the attitude and the passion for technology and learning, then you're in. Send your resume to


Apr 4
Apr 4

Odoo 10 Docker

Docker containers make it easy to install Odoo version 10. If you already have Docker installed, you will be running Odoo in a couple of minutes. Lets begin. The basics We will create two containers: one for the database and one for Odoo. In fact we will create four containers because we will have an […]

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Nov 7
Nov 7

Odoo Minimum Hardware Requirement

Requirements for running Odoo 9 Community and Enterprise are the same. For a 5 user site = 2 CPU server and 2 GB Ram For 20 user site = 4 CPU server and 8 GB Ram For 100+ user site = recommend splitting app and database servers, 2 x 8 CPU servers with 32 GB […]

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Oct 2
Oct 2

The Worst Server Setup Mistake You Can Make

There’s one server setup mistake you can make that will screw you up for years to come. It’ll haunt your business, your developers and your server admins, and be hugely expensive to fix. It’s surprisingly easy to make. The mistake? Setting the timezone to anything other than UTC Use UTC Use UTC. Use UTC. Use […]

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Oct 1
Oct 1

How to gracefully shut down vsphere 5.x (ESXi Free) using the command line

1. Download and install Putty and Putty tools You will need both Putty.exe and PLink.exe (which is what will be sending the SSH commands to your ESXi server) I downloaded and installed from the following link to c:\putty 2. Enable SSH on your vSphere (ESXi) host Within the vSphere client click on your host. […]

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